Compliance and Accountability

TSBS maintains regulatory compliance in all aspects of our organization. Each claim submitted to TSBS goes through a rigorous multi-phase quality assurance process to ensure each claim is valid, according to SHARS rules and regulations, before being processed. TSBS maintains full HIPAA and FERPA compliance in regard to all sensitive data provided to our organization. We encourage you to reach out to our highly trained and professional staff to inquire about SHARS rules and policies.

Unrivaled Client Support

From start-to-finish, TSBS is not only a billing company, but also a full service consulting firm. Our expert Program Specialists provide complete training and coaching for all school district representatives to ensure they are well versed in the SHARS program. TSBS offers complete service in way of enrollments, eligibility, processing of claims, audit care, guideline verification as well as RMTS and Cost Report services - and so much more. Our dedication to reduce time and efforts on the side of the district allows TSBS to manage and streamline your SHARS Medicaid reimbursement program thus providing optimal results.

Financial Services

To succeed in our mission to maximize reimbursements, our duty is to create an organized and outlined objective for the district. In doing so, our gap analysis system compares your actual/current performance with the potential performance we aim to achieve. By assessing your district’s existing SHARS system or working with you to develop a brand new SHARS system, TSBS will educate district leaders to achieve the desired results for both the business and special education departments.

TSBS maintains full support to the district in the case of any external or internal audit. The review of our own systems ensures we are compliant in our training and billing methods as well as our reporting capabilities. All products offered by TSBS undergo testing to ensure absolute quality before they are released to our district partners.

In addition, TSBS provides complete Cost Report and MAC Financial services to provide an inclusive services system for your school district.


Through process improvement, progressive technology and constant innovation, TSBS has been finding new and impressive ways to make SHARS a more beneficial and simpler program for Texas schools.

Reimbursement without Recoupment™

One of the reasons why TSBS clients are so loyal to our organization is because we provide maximum reimbursements without recoupment. Staying true to our promise that each submitted SHARS claim passes through our quality assurance program guarantees an audit proof result. In addition, our unrivaled knowledge of the program allows our Program Specialists to provide exceptional training to your practitioners in order to avoid incorrect claim submissions.


You will find that in partnering with TSBS you have put your trust in a company dedicated to adhering to the rules and regulations of the SHARS program. We work closely with state and federal agencies on a daily basis to ensure we are always keeping your district abreast of all changes and updates regarding the Medicaid program.